I am extremely excited to announce that my book, Ancient Rising, will soon be available for purchase!  Yay!  I am sooooo excited! (as you can tell by all the “O’s” LOL”)  

Not only have I been working on a new cover (as seen in my previous post), I also have a new website!   Want to check it out?  Great!  Here’s your ride:


I tried to procure the famous “.com” ending, but a man has held onto it since 2004 and he refuses to let it go.  humf. 🙁   Oh well, maybe “.me” will not confuse anyone, and I like the way it sounded. 🙂

Now onto the BIG news!

I will release my book on Kindle first.  It will be released in parts for those that want to test the waters, yet I will also have the full version available for those that want to dive in. 🙂

I am also working to get a paperback version that will be available to order through Amazon or through me (for an autographed copy).  I hope to have them available by the first of December, just in time for Christmas. 

In the meantime, please join my blog for important updates and information…or just to see what I have to say from time to time.  To join, look in the upper right hand corner of this webpage and click Follow.  Please note: you will have to join tumblr to follow, but for me, joining this site is not bad, I have not received any undue spam or extra mail from them.

Smiles and best wishes!

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