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Today, I made a ton of progress on the book.  I worked many hours to change an entire section, attempting to make it easier to understand andmore engaging.  As many of you know, there is a ton of information that must be conveyed, and a mere 100,000 words to do it in. lol!  Yes, I know 100,000 words seems like a lot, but for me…I’m just getting started.  hahahaha! 
But enough of that. Let us now move on and tackle The Horror, The Story and The Myths.


  In this section, I’ll tell you about an alarming experience I had today. 

     As I sat down to write, a fleeting thought of the need to save my work, flittered through my mind.  Usually, I head such feelings.  Today, however, I blew it off and thought, “Oh, things will be fine.”  Needless to say, things were not fine.  There I was, pounding away on the keyboard during an essential scene, when suddenly, my computer froze!!!  I was so shocked that I didn’t know how to feel.  I just kept thinking, “Please Microsoft Word…please save it.”  Well, thank goodness…Microsoft heard me. Yay!   I restarted my computer, opened Word, and there it was…almost as I left it.  Sure, I had to retype a bit, but it could have been so much worse. 


Now that I’ve shared my excitement for the day, I will answer an often asked question:

Q.  What is Ancient Rising About?

A.  Boy, is that a loaded question. 🙂   Actually, it is very difficult to describeAncient Rising, for it has so many twists, turns and elements that are difficult to fit into a neat and tidy box.  I will try, however, to satisfy your curiosity without ruining many surprises. 

    Ancient Rising is about a quirky, 21-year-old girl, named Xandria Drake,  that unexpectedly finds herself in the midst of a supernatural disaster.  Previously unaware of the existence of vampires, dragons, time-travellers, and a host of other creatures, Xandria must come to terms with her new reality.   At the same time, she is forced into new roles of responsibility, turning her once normal life, into a whirlwind of uncertainty.  Throughout the story, Xandria makes significant discoveries and, consequently, experiences an empowering and inspiring “coming of age.”  Introduced to ancient philosophies, Xandria learns not only her unique position within the universal scheme of creation, but is also initiated into new truths of self-discovery. Concurrently, Xandria also embarks upon an impossible romantic adventure that untangles her past, and promises an adventurous, if not dangerous, future.


I’ve included this section because quite a few people have asked if my book contains information that is true/real…or if it’s all just fiction/myths. 

Simply stated, the answer is YES.  lol!

The book contains a mixture of fact and fiction.

Here are a few examples of the Facts:
       1.  The majority of the story takes place in Johnson County, KS…which is a real place.

       2.  Xandria works for Louis & Company Ballroom Dance Studio…which is a real place.

       3.  The concoction Kevin offers Xandria, to cure her hangover, is an actual drink to help replenish electrolytes and “cure” soar throats. (I actually drink it quite a bit and it tastes pretty good…it’s made of honey, lemon and salt.  here’s a couple of links to check it out if you’re interested.
               A. Electrolytes:  https://superforest.org/2010/03/lemon-honey-salt-hot-water-super-hydrating-natural-electrolyte/
               B. Sore throat:   https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070713131330AAtTAuD)

       4.  Dong Quai, the herb Xandria offers Megan, is an actual herb used in Oriental Medicine for menstrual problems.

       5.  Throughout the book, philosophies of Oriental Medicine, homeopathy and a host of other doctrines are placed.

(Now here’s my disclaimer:  People seeking medical advice or assistance should contact a physician.  Should you choose to follow a remedy stated in the book, you do so at your own risk.)  There…now my bases are covered. lol.

Now for the Fiction:  (or is it?)

    Seeing that this is a fantasy novel, I would say 90% of the book is fiction…or at least it is deemed as fiction.  I think Xandria’s potential boyfriend, Viktor, states it best when he says, “I cannot attest to what is true, or real for you, and what is not.  Who am I to say that imagination, dreams and fantasies are not as real, or more accurate, than that which you consider reality?  The only reality that I can honestly attest to, is the truth of love. Love lasts forever.  It never dies, nor does it ever truly change.  It simply is, or is not.  For me, you are my reality because you are my love.” 

With that, I will leave you to ponder the possibilities.  🙂

Big Smiles and Best Wishes!

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