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Welcome to Archetypes, Alchemy & Literary Agents.  Since the last post, I’ve had several people pull me aside to discuss personality types.  Being a student of Oriental Medicine, rather than a psychologist, I can only answer basic questions and rely on my own logic.  (Actually, I suppose that’s not quite true, I can always call my twin sister, the counselor, to get my facts straight.)  Anyway, in this post I will discuss a couple of Xandria’s archetypes. For the Alchemy portion, I shall speak of the art of transformation.  Lastly, in the Literary Agent section, I will inform you of my understanding about the processes of trying to get published.  Shall we begin?
By now, you may know that Xandria’s main personality type is INFP (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive)
For those of you that have never heard of an archetype, I will attempt to define it below:
     It is my understanding that an archetype, for our intents and purposes, is symbol that is universally recognized.  For example, when you think of a witch, many of you will probably automatically assign certain characteristics to said witch.  Likewise, the same can be said if you think of a mother figure or a father figure.  Therefore, an archetype embodies a set of attributes commonly associated with a certain personality type (the villain) , a known individual (the devil), or a symbol (the serpent).
In Ancient Rising, I tried to make the characters realistic, identifiable and relatable.  Therefore, I included certain archetypes that I believe exist in all of us, yet are sometimes ignored or denied.
For example.  A few of Xandria’s archetypes may be seen as the following:  (I’ve not included all of them.  If you would like to add more, or form a discussion, please feel free to comment and let me know how you see Xandria)  🙂

-SEEKER: Xandria is not often satisfied with an incomplete explanation of things.  Instead, she constantly strives to understand the world in which she lives, as well as the motivations of herself and others.

-WOUNDED HEALER: Xandria has the desire to help others, but often suffers for her efforts.  Being an empath, she not only has the ability to take on their suffering, but she has the inclination to do it without even knowing it.  Because of this, unless Xandria protects herself she may be “wounded” very easily.  Being wounded, however, is just half of the equation.  The more important part to emphasize is that Xandria is a healer.  She learns and heals through suffering and chaos.  It is her path to accept what is, without resentment or fear, therefore creating space for true healing to occur.  Ultimately, it is Xandria’s destiny to move through the archetype of the wounded healer,  become the healer, and eventually the high priestess.

Also, within Xandria exists the SABOTEUR.  but I’ll let you figure that one out on your own.


Diverting your attention to a previous post yet again, I attempted to answer the question, “Why did you write Ancient Rising?”  Looking back, I realized that I only gave you a partial answer.

If I examine the actual purpose of this book, and others to come in the series, I believe the best way to answer the question would be to say:

Other than for the enjoyment of writing it,  the purpose of this book is not only to take the reader on an adventurous and entertaining journey, but to help the reader question and discover his or her own motivations, characteristics and potentials, therefore creating opportunity for growth and transformation. 

Within this first book, Ancient Rising, I had the daunting task of introducing you to the characters and the storyline.  Although Xandria grows and changes from beginning to end, more of her time is spent discovering and learning about herself, as well as the world around her.  The books followingAncient Rising, will get into the meat of Xandria’s true character.  She will face the most terrifying and dangerous parts of herself, and like Sebastian, she must go through a “dark night” to come to terms with who she really is.  Then, through darkness she shall find the light.  Whether she choose the light or not…well… you will have to wait and see.

Regardless, Xandria will go through a complete transformation, becoming something completely different than what, and how, she was at the beginning of Ancient Rising.


So now it’s time to blog about my experiences in researching about how to get this book published.  So far, I have discovered a few plausible possibilities. 

It is my hope and dream to persuade a literary agent, or a publisher to say “Yes, We want to publish your book.”  The task of finding said agent and publisher, however, is just as daunting as Xandria’s expected journey to the dark side.  From what I understand, I must write personalized query letters to individual agents.  Each must meet specific guidelines, which varies from agent to agent.  The most difficult part of this scenario, is the waiting.  One agent posted on her website that it could take up to 6 months to for her to send a response to a query and that she does not appreciate simultaneous submissions.   That leaves me, the author, in a pickle.  If it’s a difficult as “they” say it is to get an agent, will I be wasting my time in submitting to this agent?

Another way to get my book published is to do it myself.  There are quite a few publishing houses that, for a fee, will publish my book for me.  Advertising and publicity are then left up to me to do on my own.  This method costs money up front, requiring me to pay expensive editing fees, printing fees, and the likes.  If I am unable to find an agent, I will probably choose this method…and then plan some road trips in an effort to sell it.

The last method is to publish it digitally.  This method requires less expense up front and allows me to make the book available to thousands of readers fairly quickly.  The drawback, however, is that the book would only be available through e-readers.  If I choose to self-publish, I will probably include this method as well.

Thank you again for your support and friendship. 

Big Smiles and Best Wishes!


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