It’s difficult to believe, but this month marks the one year anniversary of the birth of Ancient Rising.  It took a little over three months to write the first draft.  Since, it has been through almost three revisions, each adding new characters, new grammatical errors (LOL), and new plot twists.   I am happy to say, that the third revision is coming to a close.  I expect it to be finished within two weeks, making March a significant month. 

When I began this journey, I had no clue how much time and effort my endeavor would take.  As I discussed in a previous blog, I sat at my computer and let the story flow from my fingertips.  When the first draft was finished, something interesting happened.  I put the book down for a while, and focused my attention on ballroom dancing.  When not teaching, however, my mind would wonder. Inevitably, I ended up daydreaming about my story, observing its characters and sometimes even interviewing them.  The information I gleamed during this time period was invaluable.  Not only did the characters develop into more complex personalities, their connections and motivations became more clear.


The second revision of the book focused on bringing the characters to life.  I analyzed each character and determined their personality type according to a popular psychological test called the Myers-Briggs.  The choices for each character were determined according to the following:

DichotomiesExtraversion (E) -(I) IntroversionSensing (S) -(N) IntuitionThinking (T) -(F) FeelingJudgment (J) -(P) PerceptionFor instance, I believe Xandria’s predominant personality type can be described as:
INFP  (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceptive.)
Therefore, her views on the world, and the way she acts within it, are influenced by these forces. With that in mind, you may also notice that she sometimes acts outside of the INFP personality type…which I feel makes her more complex…and more human.
A brief personality profile of Xandria:
INTROVERSION: I believe Xandria is more introverted than extroverted.  She enjoys living alone, and is content in her own space. She takes after her father, and is more of a quiet type, unless around close friends.  One-on-one interactions are also more comfortable for her than being in a crowd. Hints are scattered throughout the book that point to her tendencies to recharge by withdrawing into herself, instead of spending time with a group of people, or being the “life of the party.”
INTUITION: Although Xandria does not always act upon her intuition, she has hunches and insights into situations that compel her to pay attention.  Part of her journey is to grow from self-doubt into self-trust, therefore, accepting her intuitive nature.   
FEELING: Xandria tends to make more of her decisions based on feelings rather than logic.  Although she often tries to use logic, she usually reverts back to her feeling nature.  
PERCEPTION: Xandria prefers to keep her options open, rather than make quick decisions.


The purpose of this “final” revision is to make the text grammatically correct, the story more cohesive, and the motivations that drive the characters more clear.  Of all the revisions, I would have to say this one has been the most difficult.  Knowing when to use commas and quotes has been quite the task. LOL!  Also, I’m reading each page and asking myself, “Does this page make me want to turn to the next?”  If the answer is “No,” the page is revised.   Therefore, I should be able to begin reading from any page in the book, and get hooked right away. hahahaha! Happy Reading!!!

To find out more about your own personality type, you can take the tests at this website:

 Big Smiles and Best Wishes to you all!


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