Hello there,  

I just wanted to let you know that I am still working hard on getting the book ready for publication.  This revision has been both time consuming and difficult.  Aside from my efforts to make the characters more likable and believable, I’ve also tried to improve my writing vocabulary, paragraph structure and grammar.  For example, saying “I” too many times in a book that is written in first person can get redundant.

However, there are only a limited number of ways you can say, “I went to the store to buy some bananas,” without actually using the word “I.”  
But let’s try….hmm…maybe I could say, “My sudden and violent craving for bananas propelled me to hop in my car and proceed immediately to the closest Piggly Wiggly.”  OR “The only taste that would satisfy my insatiable craving was that of a banana.  Since my roommate ate the last banana this morning, my demanding desire offered me no choice but to hop in my car and drive to the closest grocery store.”  LOL!
Anyway, you can see what “I” mean, right? hahahaha
Now to change the topic.
Some of you have been asking when the new draft will be available.  Unfortunately, I do not have a solid date to tell you.  The only thing I can say is that I am hoping to have it completed before the summer of 2012.  
It is my goal to make this version the last…and another goal is to make this book a real page turner.  With that in mind, After revising each chapter, I then go through it again a few times to make sure each page is interesting and has something to offer to the reader.  
Well, It’s probably time to sign off now (2:48 AM)
Time for bed and lots of dreams.
I hope you are all doing well and I wish you the best!
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