As I sit and ponder the stories that capture my attention, I am forced to admit a regrettable “truth.” I am addicted to drama. Every book, every movie, and in fact, almost every form of entertainment is riddled with this seemingly benign affliction. Television shows have contestants participate in creating false hierarchies by competing against each other to prove their worth. Heroes gun down their enemies in celebrated action movies. Characters in books face their deepest fears and struggle with conflicting desires. Without dramatic hooks, these tales would most likely be boring to the average person.

This is one of the major issues I had with writing Xandria Drake: Ancient Rising. I did not want to put anything out in the world that may have negative effects on even one person. However, how do you show the evolution and enlightenment of a character unless she faces seemingly insurmountable odds? Because of this, I threw Xandria into the midst of drama and conflict. What does this say about me?

What does this say about you? Or about our fellow readers, movie goers, and television fans? Are we hooked into a system that keeps us living outside of the domain of peace and oneness? When I stand alongside my hero and cheer him on in defeating his enemy, am I cheating myself by imagining the enemy as different than me? I mean, if we look at a well created villain, their lives often contain more suffering than almost any other character in the story, with the exception of a few main characters. Should we then cheer to have these villains defeated? Or could we show compassion, and hope for their rehabilitation? When is it appropriate to give up hope and destroy them?

These are my thoughts for the day. I would love to hear what you have to say.


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