I’ve been thinking about the books I absolutely adore. When I read these books, I invest myself, and I spend my precious time to get to know the characters. I even come to care for them. When the book, or the series ends, I get an empty feeling inside because I feel suddenly cut off. I want to know what happens next, even if their lives turn out mundane and seemingly boring. Sometimes, I also want to know about the main character’s friends. What are they up to? What happened to them? What did they think of certain situations in their story?

In an effort to make my book more interactive, I decided to have a “talk” with the characters in my story, and asked for their cooperation. So far, Xandria and Viktor have agreed to help me out. (LOL) Xandria started her own facebook page and is posting updates and pictures of her life. Don’t worry, she is trying to post any spoiler alerts.

Viktor has agreed by telling his side of the story when it comes to certain events in Xandria’s book, Ancient Rising. He is not a writer, so it’s going a bit slow, but I have faith that he will come up with something within the next month or so.

Anyway, To ask Xandria questions or to comment on her pictures, feel free to visit her facebook page by clicking the link below:


Wanna know about the pics you will see on her facebook page?

See where she went on vacation for spring break. See pictures from her latest ballroom competition. Also, a mysterious package arrived that contained pictures from the opening scene in her book.


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