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Here’s information from the creators’ website:

What The Film Is About

Mean Spirited tells of a couple who decide to renovate their new home, but unbeknownst to them a few ghosts already inhabit the house.  The spirits aren’t exactly thrilled with the couple’s decisions so they try to distract them enough to change the couple’s minds. The pranks get way out of hand, and it’s the ghosts who suffer the consequences.

While the film is an over-all comedy, we really want to capture the miscommunication between the dead and the living realms as well as the spirit’s unknown consequences of being “set free.” We want to showcase the ghost’s point of view of a haunting and how our creepy fears may actually be helpfulness or mischievous ghosts looking for a thrill.


Who We Are

Chad Crenshaw, Davis DeRock and Jennifer Seward-DeRock are the creators of Mean Spirited. We are actively involved in the entertainment industry in Kansas City, MO.

Chad Crenshaw (Co-Writer, Co-Director, Actor as “Charles”)

Chad has a degree in film and media studies from the University of Missouri Kansas City. He worked two years in TV and radio in Lincoln, NE. He’s been working in the Kansas City film community for four years in production, sports, casting and as an actor.

Davis DeRock (Co-Writer, Co-Director, Actor as “Edwin”)

Davis began filmmaking in 2003. He graduated in 2007 from the Los Angeles American Musical and Dramatic Academy, where he studied acting and directing. He has since been involved in over 60 productions including features, shorts and commercials.

Jennifer Seward-DeRock (Producer, Actor as “Gwendolyn”)

Jennifer grew up in the theatre. After achieving her degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City in communication studies she returned to her roots and discovered the Kansas City film community in the process. Since then she has acted in over 50 projects, including short films, webisodes and commercials. She’s also had many crew positions ranging from script supervisor to casting assistant.


Why We Need Your Contribution

As you know films can vary in price, anywhere from hundreds of millions to $10 or less. It all depends on the production value you’re aiming for. And, the $3,225 we are asking for will benefit everyone involved!

Since we want this film to look fantastic, part of the $3,225 will go toward equipment necessary to make that happen. We also want to reward the cast, crew and donors. Rewards include such items as food, compensation and incentives for donating. We also owe part of our budget to Indeigogo because they are the platform for our fundraising. Other necessary expenditures are festival submissions, promotional materials and any additional costs that may arise.


Perks For Donating!

We also want to be able to reward you for your help. So for every contribution, you’ll be able to be a part of our project in many sweet ways! Listed down the side of our Indeiegogo page are our incentives which include a behind the scenes video, an autographed movie poster OR t-shirt, and a possible walk on role!


If We Don’t Raise Our Goal

We become ghosts left to roam the earth in loneliness. That’s no fun!



We will have a harder time making the film and a less enjoyable experience not only for the cast and crew, but for the viewer since our production value will most likely suffer.


Other Ways To Help

Other ways to help us reach our goal are by sharing our Indiegogo page via Facebook, Twitter and other methods such as email and word of mouth. Plus your endorsement will mean a lot to us and to those potential donors you personally reach out to!


If We Surpass Our Goal

Hallelujah! The amount we are asking for is the minimum to successfully make our project. Anything additional would allow us the opportunity to give even more to everyone involved.

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