Oliver slowly got better. He was tired, droopy, and breathing a little heavy, but I believed he was stable.  His appetite came back the next day and he rested. I researched all kinds of things I could do to help him. I spent hours on the internet, combing its treasures. I also spent hours holding him and thinking of the fantastic times we’ve had together.  This went on for about 3 days, then he had a another bleeding episode.

I was taught at the vet to recognize the signs of bleeding.  It started with a very fast pulse. Actually, the pulse felt very choppy and forceful…like the heart was working very hard to get blood through the veins. They also told me to look at the color of his gums. Most dogs are supposed to be reddish-pink (I think).  Oliver was extremely pale (as you can see in the photo).

I still was not ready to give up on him, so I gave him a second blood transfusion. This time, however, the transfusion brought his hemoglobin levels from 18 to 57. I was thrilled.

I took him home and searched for more I could do. Feeling a bit helpless, I called Oliver’s primary vet and asked if there was anything she could do. She said, “no.”  I called and called, and finally talked to the emergency vet. They said, if I wanted to do absolutely everything I could for Oliver, I should schedule him for surgery. So I did.

The day came and went. They were unable to perform the surgery because his platelet count was too low. They suggested waiting about a week before they could try again. So we scheduled his appointment and back home he went.

Unfortunately, the week was too far out, he bled yet again.

To be continued….

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