I took Oliver back into the emergency vet (yet again on SUNDAY).  This time they recommended that I give up. They said that each time a blood transfusion is given, it has more chance to be rejected. Plus, they didn’t see any reason to continue. In their estimation, he only had a few hours left on this earth. Also, they said that kind of cancer cannot be treated. My heart sank.

I looked into Oliver’s eyes and asked if he was ready to go. There was a tiny spark in those eyes that gave me hope.

I told the vet that I would take him with me. The doctor strongly, and I mean strongly disagreed with my decision…So much that she stood in the doorway, and I had to walk past her to leave. She insisted that he was suffering too much and would not make it much longer. The kinder thing would be to say goodbye.

I looked into his eyes once more and left.

I called around to another vet that I had recently learned was open for 1 hour on Sundays. I took him in there to see if there was anything he could do…and he said exactly the same thing the emergency vet said. So yet again, I left the office and took Oliver home.

I told myself, “I would love and hold Oliver and give him visions of happiness. I would stay by his side and be there for him no matter what.”  (In my mind, nature was, and is, a force not to be discounted…and I believed.)

The next day, Oliver was still alive!

It was Monday morning, and we were off to a new start! So I looked into alternative vets (that do acupuncture and herbs) and found a vet that could see Oliver that afternoon.

To be continued…

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