I was so happy to see a vet that did not discourage me from trying every option to help save my little guy’s life. I refused to give up on Oliver. As I spoke with the vet, I felt as though for the first time, someone was on our side. She said that she had some herbs that could assist in stopping the bleeding. She also recommended an herbal mushroom blend that was shown to be better at treating hemangiosarcoma than chemo. So I ordered the herbs and took Oliver home with a plan.

I started him on the herb that was to help keep the bleeding under control. This herb is called YUNNAN HONGYAO. It is an herbal remedy from traditional Oriental medicine to stop bleeding. Next, I gave him the mushroom blend called I’M-YUNITY.  

I was definitely happy to have a plan…and more hope.

It took about a week before Oliver had another bleed. It was then that I learned the dosage and timing of the Yunnan Hongyao were extremely important.  Over the next few weeks, I played around with his meds. I learned that if I gave him smaller doses more often of the Yunnan Hongyao, the bleeding was kept under control. If I waited 12 hours, however, it was more likely that he would bleed.

Oliver weighs 15 pounds…and his current (and so far successful) dosage is 1/3 to 3/4 of a pill of Yunnan Hongyao every 8 hours.

As for the I’m-Yunity…I give him 2 pills per day.

To be continued

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