So after putting Oliver on the herbs, he looked like this.  He had a few extremely good days…but then he would have hard days as well. Eventually, however, he started having more bad days than good, so I wondered if the vets were right. One night, in particular, was very difficult. I thought he would surely pass. When I woke up and he was alive the next morning, my determination grew and I vowed to do more to help him.

Through the course of all my research, I ran across a device called the ‘Halo System.”  Desperate, I ordered a system and received two handheld light devices, one with full-spectrum white light and the other violet light. I placed botanical vials in front of these lights that were appropriate for Oliver’s condition and shined the lights on him. He seemed to enjoy the white light but did not care much for the violet light.

I also broke out some Aura-soma color therapy bottles and shined the light through the bottles onto Oliver. Every time I used the orange bottle on him, he rolled over and exposed his belly, so I assumed he enjoyed it.

Yet that still was not enough. He still had more bad days than good. Not only that, it seemed the herbs were upsetting his stomach, causing his appetite to decrease and his diarrhea to increase. I felt helpless.

Then I put him on probiotics.  That really seemed to help his diarrhea but he was still very picky in his eating.

To be continued….

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