I could not get the video to feed into this post, sorry. It’s a really cute one I think. 🙂 The video is from today, March 3, 2014.

I think I found the key to helping Oliver have some really great days. I learned about it a few years back, and used it on my other dog, who also had cancer. It seemed to help her a lot, so I ordered some more, and got it in! yay!

it’s called Ambrotose, from Mannatech. It’s a glyconutrient formula that is amazing!  I purchased some blank capsules, because I learned Oliver would absolutely not eat any food it was sprinkled on. lol!  So I put it in capsules and give 8 capsules to him per day (capsule size “0”)

What an amazing difference!!!  Since I started giving the glyconutrients to Oliver, he has gotten better and better! He is even gaining weight. I can tell he feels better because his appetite is definitely back, and he is more willing to eat a variety of foods. He follows me around the house again, and sleeps less. Also, his breathing is not labored and he sleeps through the night without having to get up and use the bathroom.

For me, the glyconutrients are the final key that I hope will enable my little boy to recover!


Oliver was no longer on Death’s Doorstep. He was recovering quickly and asking to go out to play a lot. I played in the yard with him over the next few weeks. Then, I took him to play with other dogs and he got attacked by a large dog and killed.

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