I checked my inbox today and found a most welcomed email from my publisher: Serendipity Digital Media KC. The email informed me that a gentleman tried to post a review of my book on Amazon, and Amazon removed it.  So I am posting the review here for you all to see.

Xandria Drake…Ancient RisingNever in my life have I been able to state that I have been completely overwhelmed by a book that falls into the category of fantasy or science-fiction. I usually do not like or read this style, but a friend recommended it and I am glad I read it.I first purchased the book as parts. Beginning with chapter 1, Part 1, I began to become mesmerised as the characters and the storyline developed. Ancient Rising quickly became, for me, one of those reads that is, “I can’t put this down right now!”  I found myself trying to anticipate what was going to happen next. Each time a new twist or turn would be presented or a new character would be introduced and I found myself involved in something that totally took me by surprise.I expeditiously went through Part 1 through Part 4 with each part leaving me begging for more.  I then purchased a complete volume so that I could always have it in my library of works.Is this book really fantasy?  After reading Ancient Rising, you will ask yourself, “What did I just experience?” Did the author put a dream into words that leaves me speechless? In some fashion did this really occur?  Why am I thinking these things?This is definitely a best seller!  I believe it will become a great screenplay, and then a fantastic movie.Out of five stars, I give it ten!  Yes, it’s just that good.
Hugh N. Flowerree
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