My German Shepherd lost his two best doggie friends and slipped into what seemed to be a deep depression. His buddy, a mini Schnauzer, died of cancer, and then his elder companion, a 16 1/2 old german shepherd, died shortly afterwards.  My Gentle Giant seemed devastated as he moped around the house, ate very little, and even refused to play. I tried taking him to parks, lavishing attention on him, and even giving him treats. Yet, nothing I tried could pull him out of his slump. Then, my vet recommended getting another companion for my Gentle Giant.

At first, I wondered if it were too soon after the tragedy of losing his companions. Then, I decided it was worth a try.

As you can see by this video, it worked!  Here you will see how gentle and happy my Giant is as he plays with his new friend, a 5 month old mini Schnoodle.

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