When it comes to Kindle Paperwhite Vs Paperback, the war is on!

To begin, I find it prudent to ask, “How to you choose the books you read?” Do you search libraries and bookstores, determined to only read paper editions? Or do you search online and read e-books on your portable devices?

Personally, I do both.

I recently read a post that got me thinking about my own preferences and ideas.  For your reference, I have posted a link at the bottom of this post.

I have bookshelves overflowing with paperbacks and hardbacks. Per my husband’s request and the lack of room, I tried to narrow down my titles. Until I got my e-reader, a lovely Kindle Paperwhite, it was a losing battle. Books were scattered everywhere throughout my home. At first, in an attempt to solve this dilemma, I tried reading e-books on my computer and my phone. Reading with a backlight caused constant eye strain and discomfort, so I quickly gave up my mission. At that point, I was convinced e-books were definitely not my friends. Then came the recommendation of an acquaintance. She argued that the Kindle Paperwhite would be easy on my eyes, and solve my problem of overflowing bookshelves. Boy was she right!

In my opinion, reading on a Kindle Paperwhite is even better than reading a paperback! It is light, the perfect size, and I can read it in any lighting condition. The screen is not backlit, so I no longer suffer from eye strain. Best of all, I can keep all my books in one place! Not only does this mean my home no longer looks messy, but I can have my entire library with me at all times. How amazing is that?

Is there a con to go along with the pros when it comes to using a Kindle Paperwhite? Unfortunately yes. My lovely device requires more charging than I thought it would. It doesn’t matter if I use it or not, I have to recharge it at least every other week. For some, this may seem fantastic. For me, however, it’s a nuisance when I put it down for a month to read a few paperback editions not available in e-book format.

Some people argue that self-published authors are saturating the e-book market, and for this reason they will not convert to e-readers. Their claim is that the level of  writing is poor and inconsistent among self-published writers. In my opinion, those days are passing. Readers are demanding a higher level of writing. Just read the reviews on Amazon and you will see. “Those reviews are fake,” you may say. For your protection, Amazon is now monitoring reviews. If they feel a review is false, they will pull it without thinking twice. Amazon wants their book selection to be just as pristine as you do. So why not give e-books a try? You might find that you like them.

I would love to know your opinions. How do you choose the books you read? How do you weed through the e-book market? Do you prefer paperbacks or e-books?

Reference to post link: https://keepwatchingthewords.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/the-paperback-vs-ebook-debate/

*Note: I have not been paid or hired to endorse any products. These are simply my views.

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