Jurassic World


Jurassic World, the latest in the Jurassic Park film series, is set to be released June 12, 2015. The film will star Chris Pratt, who came to fame recently with his starring role as Star Lord in the film Guardians of the Galaxy, Bryce Dallas HowardVincent D’Onofrio, and Ty Simpkins. This is the first film in over ten years since the last installment, Jurassic Park 3, back in 2001. The film looks promising judging by the trailer, but with its director, Colin Trevorrow, being fairly new having only directed a few other films prior to this one could this highly anticipated film end up being a flop?


Synopsis of the Film

According to Wikipedia, the film will take place 22 years after the events of the first Jurassic Park film, and will feature an actual dinosaur amusement park just like John Hammond envisioned. Unfortunately, a new dinosaur hybrid (Idominus rex) created using the DNA of several dinosaur species escapes and begins terrorizing the island. It’s up to Owen Grady, played by Chris Pratt, and the security team to put an end to the Idominus rex’s rampage.


My Thoughts?

I like the Jurassic Park series, and I love that they’re reviving the series for the newer generation to enjoy. I remember the first time I saw Jurassic Park I was mesmerized by the massive dinosaurs and how lifelike they looked thanks to the fairly new CGI the animators used back in the day.

Now, several years later, kids these days are used to seeing CGI on the big screen, even in movies that end up being terrible, so will this film have the same effect as its predecessor on this younger generation? Guess we’ll have to wait until June to find out! I’m personally hoping that the film does well and reintroduces the Jurassic Park series to the younger crowd.


What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on the new Jurassic Park film? Will it succeed like the ones before it or will it end up being a failure? Write your thoughts below!

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