Ant-ManWhen I went to see the new Avengers movie, I remember wondering what upcoming films I’d see during the previews. Honestly, seeing the upcoming film previews beforehand is one of my favorite parts of going to the movie theater.

Pretty soon after taking a sip from my dixie water cup (they barely give you any water at the movie theaters…it’s like they MAKE you buy a drink or bottled water otherwise you’re left with next to nothing in your cup) I looked up at the screen to see one of my favorite actors: Paul Rudd! I thought to myself, “What is Paul Rudd doing in a Marvel movie?

Then he donned the Ant-Man suit.

And I thought nooo…are you serious? Paul Rudd’s gonna be a superhero! Awesome!

Needless to say I was ecstatic.


My Thoughts

I’m always curious as to what new superheroes Marvel will add to the roster for the Avengers films, and I’m definitely pleased to see Ant-Man in action! The trailer looks incredible, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing Paul Rudd play as a superhero.

Paul Rudd has always been one of my favorite comedic actors. From the Anchorman films to I Love You, Man, his delivery and ability to improvise makes him a brilliant comedian. I personally think actors who are naturally funny and have starred in comedies end up making great superhero movies.

Although this isn’t always the case, there have been some great examples such as Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool in X-Men Origins and, of course, the naturally funny Robert Downey Jr. donning the Iron Man suit for the Ironman films.


What Are Your Thoughts?

Are you looking forward to the new Ant-Man film? Do you think Paul Rudd will nail the role or will it end up being a flop? Write your thoughts below!

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