There have been quite a few changes happening over the past few months, and I’m writing to let you know what to expect in 2016. Before I get into the details, however, I’d like to take the belated opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope your new year has gotten off to a prosperous and healthy start!

As for me, I’ve been diligently writing a new series called The Mythic Realms.  It’s my hope to release the first book in September of 2016.  Additionally, I have been writing short stories to give you some adventures to read during the wait. Some of the short stories will take place in the same worlds and with the same characters you will meet in The Mythic Realm series, while others will have no relation.  I plan to release the short stories in sections so that you can quickly read them without having to worry about interrupting your day.

On a related note, I am working on some other interesting projects that I will let you know about as they become more developed. I also plan to compete in ballroom dancing with my husband, Louis Bar, this year. It is my goal to keep you updated at least once a week with either a short story or other blog posts…including what happens behind the scenes in ballroom dancing (which can be pretty unbelievable).


Wishing you joy, peace, understanding, and prosperity!


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