I’ve recently been observing myself and others and I find that many of us have several things in common. One particular thing that stands out to me is how many of us seem to be future oriented. Throughout my life I’ve envisioned my journey taking me to incredible places, which has kept me from focusing on the present. I continually told myself, “When I get this (fill in the blank), then I will be okay.” 
Sometimes I would get what I was hoping for and sometimes I wouldn’t. But most of the time, even if I received what I had wanted, I would have a spurt of seeming happiness and then I would quickly go back to feeling the same as I had when I originally placed my order with the universe. I still wanted more. 

Lately, I’ve found myself doing exactly the same thing that I’ve done for years – thinking of what the future will bring instead of living in the present. Luckily, I had the inclination to stop and ask myself, “If I’m not totally and completely satisfied right now, will I ever be?”

Things suddenly became very clear. 

My life is happening right now. It’s not happening in the past and there are no guarantees for the future. Besides, the future rarely works out the way I think it will. So if I am ever going to experience happiness, it needs to happen now!

I stopped everything that I was doing – working tirelessly on business related materials – and I took inventory on how I spent my time. I realized that I was spending most of my time alone, in front of a computer, disconnected from any social interactions in hopes that my work would someday bring me in closer connection with others. I had buried myself in meaningless tasks that are ever perpetual and I was not taking time to come up to let the sun shine on my face, smell the flowers, or to enjoy the moment.

I decided right then and there to choose to live my life now. I would seize every opportunity to share loving moments with my friends and family, to connect with with my pets, to be grateful for my experiences, and to rediscover what joy truly is.

I had an awareness that even if I were to achieve every single one of my dreams, I would be in the exact same emotional state I am in now. I would feel the same, I would have the same desires, I would love the same people, I would still have the same bad habits.

Therefore, I must live for today and make the effort to rediscover myself, my passions, my drives, my desires, and learn how to be be vulnerable to each and every situation. I must observe myself so that I may discover and release the false belief systems that keep me from being my most loving and authentic version of myself. 

Now I understand that by living for today, my future will be bright indeed because I will be bringing the future to me instead of projecting myself into the future.

It really is as Neville Goddard said, “Live in the wish fullfilled.” 

Feel as if you already have that which you desire and nothing in the universe will be able to keep it from you.

Seize the day, your future depends on it!

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