Laura C. Cantu

Author of Betwixters: Once Upon A Time, Xandria Drake: Ancient Rising, Viktor LaFontaine: Beautiful Games, Ole Grum’s Tales: One Barmy Beetle and Co-author of Wanderer’s Handbook.

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The Person Behind The Pen

Laura C. Cantu

Laura C. Cantu has many talents. As a professional dancer, Laura won six national titles and placed fourth in the Professional Argentine Tango World Championships. Her artwork has toured the world, and her first novel won a Goodreads’ book of the month award. To top it off, Laura earned her master’s degree in Oriental Medicine in 2012 and has been invited to work with some of the most respected and gifted healers in the world.

Currently working on the Wanderer’s Handbook and The Vathylite Realms series, Laura is harnessing and focusing her creative energies to craft engaging materials that are designed to bring joy, inspiration, awareness, and empowerment to all who read them. With future books pending release, she continues to dance as a hobby, study energetics and wellness, and explore the mysteries of life. Laura also enjoys drawing and creating 3D art and animations, graphic design, hiking, meditating, creating new projects, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

What the Critics are Saying about Laura’s novels
Betwixters is a poetic and magical journey that leaves you mesmerized in the imagery.
Vanity Fair, France

Laura C. Cantu’s new Betwixters middle-grade series is a series to watch…Book One, Once Upon A Time had me excited for the next in the series.
New York Times, Blog

Page turner

I was more than pleasantly surprised when I read Ancient Rising! Great characters, plot and subplots. I read the complete version and loved how the story continued to morph into something unexpected…a bit of a genre shifter. With a little money (maybe a lot) this could be made into a great movie someday…but don’t wait until then! Kudos to Laura Cantu!

Jeffrey Allard

Producer, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

One of the best books in its genre

Laura Cantu’s book, ‘Xandria Drake: Ancient Rising’ won a Goodreads award, and having just finished it, now I know why. It is a richly written tale that grabs you by the cuffs at the get-go: the author knows how to build up the suspense and give you the small screaming mimies while you’re at it, so much that by the time Xandria is thrust into a hitherto unknown world fuelled by magic, you’re actually digging in your seat for the succeeding hours of pure reading pleasure.
Let me suffice it to say that I love this book immensely. It is one of those rare top-notch, high-quality, well-written books that have ever come out of Kindle’s woodwork—the writing is so polished. Laura Cantu has a way with words, a knack for integrating verisimilitude, that even the most unbelievable scenes become as believable as the person sitting next to you…you will enjoy it. Five stars for this one.


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