“Our greatest resource is now.”

-Laura C. Cantu


Membership Features

Quantum Gold Club Pass

With the Quantum Gold Club Pass, you get a chance to join Laura in monthly private meetings where you can interact and ask questions. You will also be the first to gain access to her newest books, courses, and creations.

Weekly Quantum Frequency Attunements

Each week, Laura will create a quantum frequency attunement that will be sent to you via the Schumann resonance.

Access to Quantum Library

Each week, Laura will create a Quantum Frequency video that you can use as need to address current energetic issues. You will also gain access to all previously created Quantum Frequency Attunement videos Laura has created since the beginning. Look through the library and pick the frequency attunements that work best for you in the moment. Use the videos as long or as often as you like.

Quantum Frequencies Sent to Your Email

Each week, Laura will create a quantum frequency attunement video that will address current energetic issues. Once finished, she will email each individual frequency for you to use inside of the special Frequency App.  Inside this app, you can choose to play all of the frequencies at the same time, or you can choose individual frequencies if you want a more focused experience.  Each set of frequencies will be available to you for 7 days. Please be aware that this option requires the purchase of the Quantum Frequency App. 

Sneak Peeks

Get glimpses into behind-the-scenes discussions and upcoming releases.  Discussions include recent dreams and interpretations, how Laura overcomes personal problems, what work is being done on the astral realms, and so much more.