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A mysterious forest near the cozy town of Herogate, England is more than what it seems. The gnarled trees appear to breathe, gloomy storms follow you around, and prowling shadows come to life before your very eyes. Referred to as The Dark Wood by the townsfolk, the forest is guarded by a strange old man and creatures not of this world. Even the locals never set foot in the bewitched woodlands, and trespassers have a way of turning up dead.
When Noah Walters moves to town with his parents, his father—a contractor working on a top-secret project for a private security firm—makes Noah promise to never enter those woods; but he doesn’t know that Fate has other plans.
Noah and his new best friends, Ethan and Skye, are chased into The Dark Wood by Grucker, a schoolyard bully, and their lives are changed forever. They are forced into the heart of the forest, where they discover a lost fairy who needs their help to find her way back home before it’s too late.
Join Noah and his friends on a magical adventure as they race against time and plunge headfirst into the unknown. They are challenged with secrets to keep, a dangerous mission to accomplish, and a test of courage that will bring them face-to-face with magical creatures they thought only existed in fairy tales.
This is more than a tale of discovery, mystery, and excitement; it’s an epic adventure that will usher you into a world where magic is in the air, in the trees, and in every heart.

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This workbook contains lesson plans and activities that teachers and parents can use to engage children as they read, Betwixters Once Upon a Time. These companion materials are meant to draw out discussions regarding complicated subjects, emotions and concepts triggering imagination, hope, and resiliency. Lessons are centered around discussions to teach and practice communicating with others and fostering community instead of competition. These materials may be adapted to meet individual needs. Lesson plans focus on topics such as nervousness, bullying, poor me mentality, saying goodbye to friends, reflective listening, and more.


Elisa Cantu, M.S, designed each lesson plan. Elisa Cantu is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, Nationally Certified Counselor, and a Certified Professional School Counselor K-12. She has been a counselor in schools as well as in private practice. Ms. Cantu has worked with children and teens for twenty years. These lessons are designed around common themes. Ms. Cantu has noticed throughout her years of working with children.


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