The Ultimate Monolaurin ® – 21 oz – 200 Servings, 3000 mg Each

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This is the Inspired Nutrition INTERNAL answer to boost immune system support! Monolaurin has, literally, hundreds of clinical studies backing it. Your body converts about 3% of coconut lauric acid into monolaurin. We have simply increased it from 3% to over 95% monolaurin (Plus+), eliminating the rest of the coconut. It can now come to your defense in a much more powerful concentration. There is 3,000 mg in 1 teaspoon of our pellets. This makes our Monolaurin the lowest cost monolaurin per serving! It should be the #1 addition to your immune defense. Ingredients: 99.7% Monoglycerides (monolaurin, monocaprin, monomyristin) and 0.3% Glycerol.

Approximately 200 servings of 3000 mg each, in easy-to-take pellets.
1 teaspoon = 3000 mg = several capsules’ worth!
Lowest cost per mg serving.
Added “MonoCaprin Plus” support for your immune system.


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