Quantum Club Monthly



Quantum Frequency Library

The Quantum Frequencies generated and shared are aimed at bringing harmony and balance to the area of greatest need. For example, if an astrological event brings depressive energies for us, this session would create frequencies to counteract those depressive energies while boosting well-being. 

  • Quantum Frequencies include attunements to address the following:

    • Chakras
    • Spiritual Protection
    • Emotional Imbalances
  • Supportive Quantum Frequencies include:

      • Solfeggio Tones
      • Sacred Geometries
      • Flower Essences
      • Essential Oils and more!

Fly on the Wall

  • Fly on the Wall lets you listen to private conversations between Laura and her friend, Christine Contini, as they talk in-depth about EVERYTHING SPIRITUAL. You’ll learn how they overcome their relationship issues, how they are dealing with energetic shifts in the world, and much, much more.


Eat with Spiritual & Energetic Awareness

  • Gain access to Laura’s personal recipes
  • use special tools to create your own meal plans.


Special Events & More

  • Be the first to know about Live Events, Products, and Services
  • Receive Special Discounts and Pricing for Events, Products, and Services