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“My world is as magical as I make it.”

-Laura C. Cantu

What is Faeyelwen?

Long ago, there existed an expansive realm named Merlydon. The inhabitants of this realm were known as the Lydon. The Lydon population consisted of faeries, elves, gnomes, dwarves, and all kinds of magical creatures who were dedicated to helping Good Mother—the spirit of the earth.

One day, there was a Great Cataclysm, which split Merlydon into two halves; one light, and one dark. As a result, Merlydon was no more. Faeyelwen and Izathra were born.

Only the Lydon whose hearts remained pure immerged unscathed as the Great Cataclysm unfolded. Their realm retreated into a faraway dimension to protect its inhabitants as it claimed a new name, Faeyelwen. Now known as the Fae, faeries, elves, dwarves, gnomes and other magical creatures populate Faeyelwen and work alongside Good Mother to help maintain balance and harmony throughout the world.

Myths & Legends

Chondours sometimes get mistaken as the Angel of Death and his team of Grimm Reapers. The Grimms do not like being associated with Chondours because their job is not to harm people but to help them cross over to the other side.

Sometimes, when a chondour tries to steal the person’s soul, one or more Grimms might battle the chondour to try and save the person’s life, or at least give the individual a fighting chance to transition to the other side safely.  

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Aphysire  -Trapped Chondour

Meet the Characters of Suntamor

Allen Walters
Ambrosius Merlyn
Chris Grucker
Colby Castleton

Ethan Castleton

Finley Dawson
George Navish
Henry Navish
Jacob Quimby -Dark haired
Jessica Corliss (blonde in bathroom when Noah is naked)
Madison  -Noah’s Mini Schnauzer
Maggie Melbourne
Mimi Walters
Mr. Bell (Weatherby Bell)
Mr. Corsco
Mr. Willard
Mrs. Castleton
Mrs. Grimes
Mrs. Holloway
Mrs. Williams

Noah Walters

Olivia Castleton
Scaretaker, Mr. Solomon

Skye Williams

Tomas O’Heaphy

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