The Zath

Meet the magical characters of Izathra

“Death and destruction are natural steps toward freedom.”

-Avelloria, Night Enchantress

Who are the Zath?

Often mistaken for the Fae, the Zath are the Fae’s darker brothers and sisters. These poor creatures were unable to shield their hearts from darkness during the Changing and most of them were transformed into beasts and monsters such as goblins, trolls, bogarts, and more. Only a few whose hearts were not corrupted enough for a complete transformation and yet were not pure enough to join their brethren in Faeyelwen retained their original forms. Despite their shapes, sizes, and colors, however, all these creatures were exiled to Izathra, which is located within the veil that separates the human realm and other realities.

Myths and Legends

Most of our current literature and popular tales come from encounters with the Zath. Some of the Zath like to pretend they are Fae. These Zath often trick humans into entering their realm for a bit of fun. The problem is, humans often do not realize that they are entering a different realm where time runs differently. The humans enjoy feasts and all kinds of pleasurable pursuits with their Zath friends, but when they return home, they may learn they’ve been missing for years. The tales that these humans tell become the foundations of myths and legends.

Meet The Characters of

Goblin Bob
Avelloria-Night Enchantress

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