The Fae

Meet the magical characters of Faeyelwen

“Even as I breathe, our history changes and a new generation leads the way.”

-Kearoth, King of the Faeries

Who are the Fae?

The Fae are beings who live in Faeyelwen. They have many races and species, yet all share a common goal—to live alongside Good Mother while establishing and keeping balance and harmony within and upon the earth. Each species of the Fae live in their own kingdom and use portals to visit each other. The faeries live in the Kingdom of Faerie, the elves live in the Kingdom of Etoryveth, the gnomes live in the Kingdom of Gwyndovia, the dwarves live in the Kingdom of Dravolin, and so on.

While most Fae prefer to reside in their own perspective kingdoms, there are a few rogue individuals who would rather travel, despite the inconviences and consequences. 

Myths and Legends

The portals between the human realm and the realm of the Fae have been closed for thousands of years. Those who reside in Faeyelwen live in their natural states, unadulterated by outside influences. These Fae have been separated from the other realms for so long that many of their younger generations believe mankind to be the stuff of myths and legends. Little do they know what the dawning of the new age has in store for them.

Meet The Characters of

Elliana -Elf
Isaac -Elf
Kearoth -King of Faerie
Mr. Oak
Neevya Brightwings Merrygold Suncatcher
Ole’ Grum

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